“A very well written book which I read in one sitting.
The plot is fabulous and the characters are brought to life by this hugely talented author.
The story unwound at a perfect pace and as I got to know Kat (the main protagonist), I was rooting for her and hoping she would discover what happened before it was too late.
I loved everything about this book and thoroughly recommended it to anyone who loves great writing and enjoys a good story.” Sunshine Girl

“This, the third and final book of the series, is a fitting end to a great story. Having read and enjoyed the first two books of the series, I was excited to see this book finally released. This series follows a young girl that was raised a human on Earth, not knowing her real heritage. This final book shows her coming into her adulthood and power.

Once again, I was impressed by the author’s writing ability. This series is a great series for young readers, but isn’t ‘childlike’, so adults will definitely enjoy it as well. The characters are very believable and are written is such a way that you are invested in their future. There is just enough action to keep you reading and a sprinkle of suspense to keep you guessing.

I highly recommend this book for all ages. Boys and girls, men and women will enjoy this book if you like Fantasy and a good, solid story-line.” The Seelie Queen

“Part two of Clary’s journey is exhilarating, fast-paced, unpredictable and noticeable more “grown-up” than the first installment. The author is an expert at crafting imagination into words that draw you deep into the story, and the ending entices as much as that of the first to read the next installment.

I asked my 7 year-old daughter what she thought… suffice to say we’d both highly recommend this great book!” Rise of the Dragons

“To be perfectly honest, I knew I was going to love this book from the moment I read the synopsis. Who doesn’t love a good faerie story, let’s be honest? Jill Turner does a fantastic job of weaving together old folk tales with a modern setting and with characters I had no trouble relating to almost immediately.

Clary, the main character, is a sweet little girl who I was mentally cheering for from the get go. She seems like a very ordinary child, even though it’s plainly evident from the events surrounding her that she is far from that, and her fragile humanity makes her such a fantastic character. She seems unable to protect herself through much of the book, mostly because of her young age I think, and as a reader you feel a very real sense of danger at her back throughout.

This is permeated by the very focal presence of her nasty teacher, Mrs De’ath, who while often comical in her attempts to sabotage Clary, is still a quite frightening antagonist. Her utter ruthlessness doesn’t become completely apparent until the second half of the book, but even without that I found her a well-written character that I think will resound with anyone who has had to deal with an unpleasant teacher at school. After all, as a child, what can you do if a teacher hounds your steps? It’s a cleverly written plot point, so I have to take my hat off to the author for that.

The magic of the tale is really beautifully scattered into the story, too. It’s subtle, but lends a sense of wonder to the whole set up. All of the supporting characters are wonderful too, and it’s interesting the way the perspectives swapped from that of a helpless child, to the almost equally helpless magical beings. The only one who seemed able to make any real difference was Clary’s mother, a particular favourite character for me.

I think this is wonderful story for older children to read and have on their bookshelves. It teaches a very important lesson about dealing with bullies and making friends, and I can’t wait to give a copy to my niece. It’s a very comforting read, even for adults, but I think any child who is suffering with bullies at school would feel very akin to this story, and Clary, too. What lonely little girl doesn’t dream of being a fairy princess, after all?” The Seelie Princess

“Once again Jill Turner delivers a wonderfully fun and delightful read.

“Nan Nose Best” is humorous and real in a way that many books often don’t manage, with a wonderful protagonist who anyone who went through awkward teenage years (and let’s be real; we all did) will immediately feel a connection to. It isn’t often I’ve had the privilege to read about an ordinary teenager, and by ordinary I mean that, no, she does not have any special powers and isn’t going to fulfil a prophecy or anything like that, but mostly because she comes from the same background as I did.

Her family is struggling financially, her parents are unhappily married, and her school life is up and down like a yo-yo. You don’t often see a real and honest portrayal of that lifestyle and situation, so I take my hat off to the author for doing it true justice.

The supporting characters are all lively and bright in their own ways, particularly Jade’s Nan, whose antics made me laugh aloud on more than one occasion. Jade’s friends are so true of cliques at school that I found myself truly impressed that it had been written by someone not currently experiencing it for themselves. Sometimes I find that authors –particularly older authors- are very out of touch with how things really are for teenagers, and it can be horribly cringe-worthy. Jill Turner does the entire thing with such finesse and honesty, it’s a book I truly feel many writers could learn from.

The style and tone are very appealing, and the plot moves along at such a fantastic pace I couldn’t put the book down. I admit I was a little unsure about the diary format at first, but only a few pages in I felt like it was the right stylistic choice and added to the charm of the story as a whole.

Always looking forward to more work from this talented author. In the meantime, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” Nan Nose Best